About Us

  • CarHamro.com leading website in Nepal that helps its users find all the data they want regarding cars in one consolidated place in a simpler and user-friendly way. The data includes everything from the price to the features and also the technical information of the cars. We also post reviews of individual cars which help our user to better understand the car they want. Many of the users are confused on what car is best suited for their budget or can’t decide between two different cars or more. Our job is to make that easier for our users through COMPARE CARS where a user can compare up to four different cars at a single time.

    CarHamro.com not only helps users just research about cars but also helps them buy the same car for a better price without the hassle of bargaining through CAR DEALS. Car Deals is a new idea buy CarHamro.com that help the user get the best rate they want from all the dealers in Nepal so that they have the option to whom to buy from. We at Car Hamro have partnered with dealers from all over Nepal of various companies to get you the best offers on the website.

    CarHamro.com also has the option to Buy and sell Used cars. We at car hamro let you list your car on the website and help you sell your car as soon as possible. We also are working on partnering with good used car sellers for all over Nepal to list their cars on our website which will help give our user a variety of options to choose the best Used car.

    Beside all of the above features CarHamro.com also provides help to car dealers in helping track and manage their leads and digitial marketing support.

Our Vision

  • Our vision is to better connect car dealers to our users in an efficient and a well-organized manner so both the parties benefit from it.

    The company in the near future is looking into diversity in various other segments like Bike and Transport sector.