The Fastest Cars in Nepal 2022

S.N. Car

5 Range Rover Sport

4 Mercedes Gwagon g63

3 Genesis G80

2 Tesla Model x

1 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 V8

Range Rover Sport 

The Range Rover Sport is a car with sportier design cues and powerful, muscular stance. It has a distinctive silhouette that includes a rearward sloping roof as well a continuous waistline which also shows off its luxurious interior to anyone who drives next to it! 

This vehicle offers an improved output of 423 kW from its 5-liter V8 engine coupled up front or 4 cylinders turbo diesel in back--both provide able for driving pleasure on any road condition you may come across.

The trim level varies based upon what your preference will be: Luxury & Performance packages are available at extra cost but they're worth every penny when combined together because this luxury SUV does not skimp out anywhere including safety features like stability control.

Range Rover Sport (Technical Specifications)

Power: 423 kW/161 kW Performance Pack

Torque: 800 Nm/560 Nm Performance Pack

0-100 kmph: 6.3 seconds

Top Speed: 252 kmph / 150 mph

Transmission type - 8 Speed Automatic or 6 Speed Manual

Fuel Consumption: 17.5 kmpl

Mercedes Gwagon g63

The new 2021 Mercedes-AMG G63 has all of the speed you could hope for, whether that means blasting down an autobahn or crawling rocks in Moab. 

It's also going to make your valet experience easier - they'll leave up front so no one goes shortest queuing at jumps!

This modernized version brings back iconic features like its powerful engine and tough exterior design while adding some techy gadgets too...well maybe not "too" since there are always those sexy interior details somewhere if we look hard enough ;)

The output should be creative fun, right?

Mercedes Gwagon G63 (Technical Specifications)

Price (NRP): NRS. 699,000,000

Power: 478 kW/161 kW Performance Pack

Torque: 1120 Nm/560 Nm Performance Pack

0-100 kmph: 5.2 seconds

Top Speed: 250 kmph / 155 mph

Transmission type - 8 Speed Automatic or 7 speed Manual

Fuel Consumption: 15.2 kmpl

Genesis G80

The 2022 Genesis G80 is a fantastic luxury car for people who love the sensation of driving something expensive.

The new model has been designed with an emphasis on style and comfort, which you can clearly see from its sleek headlights all way down through elegant vents in backseat doors or elegantly placed windowsills that frame your view when seated inside this luxurious vehicle!

Genesis G80 (Technical Specifications)

Price (NRP): NRS. 779,000,000

Power: 191 kW/203 kW Performance Pack

Torque: 344 Nm/331 Nm Performance Pack

0-100 kmph: 5.5 seconds

Top Speed: 150 kmph / 93 mph

Transmission type - 9 Speed Automatic

Fuel Consumption: 15.2 kmpl

Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X SUV has finally arrived and it's not just about the doors! This big boy can hold its own against any other vehicle in terms of performance. 

The battery capacity is longer range than most electric cars on sale right now, but what really sets this car apart are those falcon rear wings that make getting around so much easier for everyone inside - especially with all-wheel drive available as an option too if you need more traction while tackling hills or snowy roads (or both!). 

And let’s not forget how sleek looking these bad boys look from behind: they might have vertical tails like some others do nowadays due to increasing safety requirement buts Tesla refined this design to make it stand out.

Tesla Model X (Technical Specifications)

Price (NRP): NRS. 1,399,000,000

Power: 561 kW/436 kW Performance Pack

0-100 kmph: 3.1 seconds

Top Speed: 250 kmph / 155 mph 

Transmission type: Single-speed Automatic

Fuel Consumption: 26.9 kmpl

Ford Mustang GT 5.0 V8

The Ford Mustang GT Fastback is an iconic coupe that comes with a hefty price and considerable fuel costs too, but you'll be getting something very special for this: impressive performance and handling on any road surface.

If you love the idea of sitting behind a fancy steering wheel...well, think again because this baby has been upgraded to feel more like an actual car with some racing elements to it. The Fastback is your key to mastering any obstacle in your path while heading back home with some seriously good speed.

Ford Mustang Fastback (Techincal Specifications)

Price (NRP): NRS. 479,000,000

Power: 419 kW/156 kW Fastback Performance Pack

Top Speed: 255 kmph / 158 mph

Transmission type - 8 or 10 speed Automatic

 Fuel Consumption: 20.8 kmpl

Thats about it!

From the rest, we're personally excited about the "Genesis G80" because it will be a luxury car too, and more importantly, there isn't any of those around right now.

However, we think the "Tesla Model X" is going to be a serious eye-catcher wherever it goes and might just become a must-have for people who love a bit of luxury mixed with power and finesse - especially the newer version that comes with improved range!

In the end, we think most cars here will be worth their "weight in gold" for most people.  We hope you enjoyed this article Fastest Cars in Nepal 2022.

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