5 Best Car Brands Available in Nepal

Automobiles are increasing on the road of Nepal. Road in Nepal is always crowded with cars and bikes. With the growing demand for automobiles like car, many brands have entered the market of Nepal. 

Many car brands in Nepal are providing the best model with great service, which has increased brand value. It seems like car brands are doing their best to capture a large portion of the market in Nepal by satisfying customers. 

Every car brand enters the market with some motto, and each brand has its own vision. It’s not that every car brand severs same to the customers. Each car brand has a different way of serving and satisfying customers.

As there are many brands of car in Nepal, it might be difficult to choose which suits you the best. This article gives information about car brands in Nepal, so that you can decide which brand is best for you. 

1. Honda

Honda is known for manufacturing reliable, durable, and fuel-efficient cars. They are not only popular for these three aspects of the car, but they are also well known for advanced design and technology. As there are many strong reasons to choose Honda, customers in Nepal more into buying a car from this automobile company.

Since 1967, the Jyoti group has been importing Honda bikes. It was in 2002 when they brought a Honda car to the Nepali market. Now Syakar Trading, under Jyoti Group, is responsible for Honda automobiles in Nepal. It is a solo authorized Honda distributor in Nepal. 

Talking about the variants of Honda car, there is Honda city 5th generation, Honda WR-V, Honda CR-V, Honda BR-V, Honda Amaze, Honda Jazz, and Honda City. Each car from Honda has its own unique features.

Whichever model you choose, you will surely feel some difference in the features, but the quality has not been compromised. If you want a bold exterior design, you can choose either Honda CR-V or Honda BR-V. And if you want a modest yet elegant design, you can go for either Honda Amaze or Honda City. Be sure to get standard quality in all Honda automobiles.

2. Mahindra 

When describing a car from Mahindra, three words that come to mind, i.e, durable, rugged, and spacious. These are three aspects you get in every car from Mahindra. And these are the reasons why cars from Mahindra stand out in Nepal. 

Automobiles from Mahindra were introduced by Agni Incorporated Pvt. Ltd in the year 1991. To date, they have 45 dealers and branches and are the leading distributor of utility vehicles in Nepal. 

Mahindra manufactures range of automobiles from SUVs to electric vehicles, tractors, pickup vehicles, two-wheelers, commercials, and construction equipment. As these automobiles are providing a solution to many problems and meeting the requirements of people, Mahindra has earned loyal customers in Nepal. 

Automobiles from Mahindra roll recklessly on the rough roads and is the main reason why Nepali people are more inclined towards it. Mahindra is great at riding over the rough mountainous road of Nepal. They are used to transfer people and goods from the initial spot to destinies place.  

Vehicles such as Bolero camper, Scorpio pickup, Bolero maxi truck are few variants that are popularly used in Nepal. 

3. Hyundai

Hyundai has a reputation for manufacturing powerful SUVs, stunning sedans, and iconic hatchbacks. This automobile company has an impressive variant of cars under its belt. With the remarkable models of cars, Hyundai has surely amazed Nepali people and has a good market share in Nepal. 

It is in 2009, when Laxmi Intercontinental Pvt. Ltd launched Hyundai car in Nepal. They are the solely authorized deal since then. The priority of the company is to provide good customer service, so they focus on 3S sales. 

The logo of Hyundai defines the importance of customer value for the company. The logo represents company shaking hand with customers that symbolize mutual trust and respect. The company prioritizes customers, for sure make a good reputation in the market.                   

Hyundai is very active in innovating, which is why Hyundai cars are the preferable choice. SUV options like Creta and Venue have grabbed the attention of many customers. And from Hatchback options, Grand i10 and i20 active have been people’s favorite.

When many models of Hyundai are doing good in the Nepali market, it seems like the company has a good future. With its newly launched Palisade and Santa Fe model, Hyundai has again caught the eyes of many people.  

4. Maruti Suzuki 

Maruti Suzuki got the spotlight in the Nepali market because of its affordability and has an impressive market share. This car brand is known for hatchbacks and compact SUVs in Nepal. Though there are many SUVs and hatchbacks in the market, Maruti Suzuki has been able to capture a certain portion of the market just because it is affordable. 

CG/ Motocorp, a subsidiary of Chaudhary group, is an authorized distributor of Maruti Suzuki cars in Nepal. The company has a wide range of outlets and a large network of dealers, enabling them to reach every corner of the country. 

Maruti 800 was the first car launched by Maruti, and it was a super hit. This car made a headline at the time because it got launched as it was cheap compared to other cars available in the market. In Nepal, you will still see a taxi driver running Maruti 800 car. 

They have a product line of the car such as Alto, A-star, Wagon R, Swift, and Dzire. And they have added Baleno and Vitara Breeza to their product line. 

5. Renault

Renault is a new car brand in Nepal. Though it’s a new car for Nepali customers, Renault is doing quite well. Renault is the French company that arrived in Nepal after achieving success in Indian Market. 

Advanced Automobiles Pvt. Ltd. is a distributor of Renault cars in Nepal. They satisfy customers with quality service and by providing spare parts to Renault’s customers. 

The car from Renault is fuel-efficient, affordable, and delivers great quality. Kwid and Duster were the two cars that pleased people. These cars were able to meet the standard of customers, which is why Renault became instantly popular. 

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